• #StopWoodfibreLNG


  • Woodfibre LNG will increase fracking, lock in climate pollution, put residents at risk, and threaten the recovery of Howe Sound. Learn why Woodfibre LNG must be stopped for good.

    Can't trust Woodfibre LNG

    Corruption. Illegal donations. Profit shifting and tax avoidance. Pollution disasters. Human rights violations. Animal rights violations, and more...

    Will increase fracking

    85% of BC’s gas is fracked. Woodfibre LNG will increase fracking in Treaty 8 territories, with major impacts to water, climate, and human health.

    LNG is a climate disaster

    LNG is a fossil fuel that creates more greenhouse gases than coal. New LNG infrastructure will lock in extreme climate pollution for decades.

    Puts residents at risk

    If you live within 1.6 km of the LNG tanker route, you are at risk of death by asphyxiation, fire, or explosion if an accident happens.

    Threatens wildlife

    Underwater noise, light pollution, and habitat destruction threaten herring, endangered Chinook salmon, and southern resident orcas.

    Not financially viable

    Woodfibre LNG cannot survive without $50 million a year in government subsidies and tax breaks. That’s $500,000 per job per year. That's ridiculous.

  • Timeline

    Woodfibre LNG initially planned to begin construction in 2015 and be operational by 2017. People power has successfully delayed construction by seven years so far, and shovels are yet to get in the ground.


    Coordinated key stakeholders to respond to Woodfibre LNG’s application for a Crown Water Lease.


    Mobilized local governments to reiterate opposition to Woodfibre LNG through the application for a five-year extension to its environmental assessment certificate.


    Delivered the Howe Sound Declaration with over 18,600 signatures to key Ministers, MPs, and MLAs.


    We worked with local residents to stop the proposed LandSea workcamp at Britannia Beach.


    My Sea to Sky was featured at VIMFF, sharing our story to a packed audience and applauded by David Suzuki for our work.


    After sharing concerns about the impacts of seawater cooling on herring and other wildlife, Squamish Nation forced Woodfibre LNG to switch to air cooling, improving the project design.


    1,600+ people boycotted the Environmental Assessment process to draw attention to illegal donations from Woodfibre LNG staff to the BC Liberal government, which threatens the integrity of the process.


    We called out Woodfibre LNG for making a fake Final Investment Decision two days before the BC Liberal Convention.


    Skwomesh Action hosted a demonstration on the Stawamus Waterfront to stand with water protectors everywhere in opposition to LNG development.


    We made it easy to participate in the Environmental Assessment process and generated the most public comments of any assessment, twice, with more than 1,300 comments.


    Municipal Councils and Regional Districts around Howe Sound passed resolutions stating strong opposition to the proposed Woodfibre LNG project.


    We stopped FortisBC from drilling test boreholes in the Squamish estuary.


    We stopped the District of Squamish from accepting a $2 million tax agreement with Woodfibre LNG (now valued at $7-9 million).


    We held our first demonstration, which made Premier Christy Clark cancel a visit to Squamish.

  • Woodfibre LNG's desperate gamble

    Woodfibre LNG has made another fake "final investment decision." In March, Woodfibre LNG announced a budget of CAD $625 million to the District of Squamish, with $25 million designated for preconstruction and site cleanup in Squamish, and the rest for engineering, procurement…

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    Calling all Átl’ḵa7tsem / Howe Sound youth!

    Átl’ḵa7tsem / Howe Sound Art Challenge … Calling all students! To celebrate World Oceans Day, students from K–12 are invited to submit artwork with the theme, Revitalization: collective action for the ocean. The ocean connects, sustains, and supports us all.

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    Open letter: Why BC's LNG is not ethical

    To: Members of the Legislative Assembly … For the last eight years, I have been one of thousands of citizens standing in opposition to the proposed Woodfibre LNG and FortisBC pipeline projects near Squamish BC.

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    Happening today!

    Woodfibre LNG and FortisBC are presenting to the District of Squamish this Tuesday at 1pm (see agenda). Can you join us today to tell them we still say "No Fracking Way!" ***** … WHEN: 12:30pm to 1:00pm, Tuesday 22nd March, 2022 (today!) WHERE:

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    Our successes in 2021

    This is one of my favourite places in the world: the Stawamus River. Right now the coho are spawning, and there are salmon-coloured eggs buried in the river bed, American dippers hunting for them, and dead salmon frozen on the banks—if the eagles and bears haven't gotten to them first.

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    Woodfibre LNG fall update 2021

    It's a façade of slow progress... It took nearly a year for Woodfibre LNG to announce a new president, Christine Kennedy, previously the Deputy Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness; and before that the Associate Deputy Minister in BC's Office of the Premier.

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    Help us end BC's biggest fossil fuel subsidy for good!

    Thanks to massive public pressure, the BC NDP have launched a Royalty Review to evaluate subsidies for fracking companies. This is a critical opportunity to end Deep Well Royalty Credits—one of BC's biggest fossil fuel subsidies.

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    The truth about Woodfibre LNG's advertising blitz

    Woodfibre LNG has recently been splashing out on full-page ads in local newspapers, plus targeted ads on social media. Every time I see these ads there is a little cheer inside my head because it means we're winning.

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    Woodfibre LNG Fall Update 2020

    If Woodfibre LNG goes ahead, there will be 70–100 LNG tankers transiting Howe Sound every year. Here's the latest update on Woodfibre LNG: Sukanto Tanoto's pulp and paper company, APRIL, is facing profit-shifting accusations to reduce its tax bill in Indonesia.

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    Have you ever swum with sea lions?

    Why hello there! A few years after I graduated school, I went backpacking in Ecuador where I made the voyage out to the Galapagos Islands. I was amazed at the abundance of wildlife, and as a young marine scientist I was in the water every chance I got.

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    Our plan to overturn Woodfibre LNG's five-year extension

    Our very first demonstration to #StopWoodfibreLNG in 2014. Photo: Desiree Wallace … I remember our very first demonstration to #StopWoodfibreLNG, in May 2014. Over a hundred of us lined up along the highway and cars honked in support as they drove by.

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    Breaking bad news

    CBC Vancouver reporter, Jon Hernandez, interviewing Tracey Saxby. It's been a roller coaster of emotions. On Saturday night I stayed up till 1am as I watched Jeremy Valeriote, the BC Green candidate for West Vancouver-Sea to Sky, leading in the polls.

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    Celebrating small successes

    District of Squamish council votes to ratify the motion not to support a five-year extension of the Environmental Assessment Certificate for Woodfibre LNG unless they can meet IPCC climate targets. Councillors Eric Andersen, John French, and Doug Race voted in opposition. WE DID IT!

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    Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction... again!

    Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction till summer 2021. But here's the kicker... they're using COVID-19 as an excuse to get a five-year extension on their Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate. Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction till summer 2021. But here's the kicker...

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    Winter update on Woodfibre LNG + FortisBC

    A lot of the work for our #StopWoodfibreLNG campaign happens behind the scenes, writing letters to key decision makers and attending meetings. Here's the latest: ********* … BREAKING!

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    They're back! A critical moment to #StopWoodfibreLNG

    The proposed floating storage units at Woodfibre LNG, made of two 40-year old retrofitted LNG tankers that are already at the end of their lifespan. We just found out that Woodfibre LNG, FortisBC, and the BC Oil and Gas Commission are presenting to the District of Squamish this Tuesday!

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    Help us make Woodfibre LNG an election issue

    Last week I felt so inspired to be a part of history as over 7 million people took to the streets for the global climate strike. One thing is crystal clear: we need to do everything we can to stop new fossil fuel development like Woodfibre LNG if we want to solve our climate emergency.

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    Woodfibre LNG has lost its biggest customer!

    What a difference a week makes! Last Friday we were feeling a bit down in the dumps. Why? Because the Federal Government announced that they were exempting Woodfibre LNG from paying the 48% on imported steel tariffs. This is yet another subsidy for Woodfibre LNG worth half a billion dollars!

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    How we're stopping Woodfibre LNG

    Woodfibre LNG is NOT a done deal. Why? Because we are going to be there every step of the way. Here are some key updates on our campaign to #StopWoodfibreLNG: Woodfibre LNG is now a fracking company … Yup.

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    Feel-good Howe Sound updates on Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day! We thought we'd celebrate by sharing some incredible good news stories about Howe Sound. ***** … Eoin Finn and Tracey Saxby deliver the Howe Sound Declaration to MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.

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    URGENT! Stop reckless LNG tax breaks

    On Monday, the BC NDP sided with the BC Liberals to vote 80–3 to approve new fossil fuel subsidies to prop up LNG export projects like Woodfibre LNG and LNG Canada.

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    Will you take action to stop Woodfibre LNG?

    We've been paying close attention to Woodfibre LNG, and the rumours are concerning. Here's the scoop: according to one of our sources, Woodfibre LNG is planning to award it's construction contract by the end of March, and begin construction by the end of June.

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    Update on Woodfibre LNG

    Our campaign to stop Woodfibre LNG is kicking into high gear again. Here are the latest updates from the last few months: According to our sources, Woodfibre LNG is planning a major announcement in August. What? We don't know yet.

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