Update on Woodfibre LNG

June 18, 2018
Tracey Saxby

Premier Christy Clark with Byng Giraud from Woodfibre LNG

Our campaign to stop Woodfibre LNG is kicking into high gear again. Here are the latest updates from the last few months:

According to our sources, Woodfibre LNG is planning a major announcement in August. What? We don't know yet.

Woodfibre LNG staff recently told students at Howe Sound Secondary school that construction will begin at the end of 2018, and the website is advertising for a Site Construction & Marine Superintendent. We suspect Woodfibre LNG needs to begin construction soon so they don't lose their environmental assessment certificate.

In preparation, Woodfibre LNG has applied to the District of Squamish for an exclusive four-year lease at Darryl Bay, to transport workers to and from the Woodfibre site. Current users of the site, such as the Sea to Sky Gondola and BC Parks are not too happy about this.

But it's hard to say whether Woodfibre LNG is really moving forward as they continue to lobby the Federal government to remove the tariffs on imported steel. This is critical as the facility will be constructed overseas and then shipped in, including two forty-year-old dilapidated LNG tankers that Woodfibre LNG plans to use as floating LNG storage units. BC LNG is still not competitive and Woodfibre LNG is continuing to beg for more tax breaks and subsidies.

Meanwhile, donations by Woodfibre LNG staff, including VP Byng Giraud, are now part of an investigation by Elections BC into possible contraventions of the Election Act by the BC Liberal Party.

Byng Giraud has been caught up in yet another scandal in his position as interim chairman at Ridley Terminals Inc., a Crown corporation that owns a coal export facility in Prince Rupert, B.C. The federal Auditor-General’s office has uncovered "significant deficiencies in Ridley Terminals Inc.’s governance, strategic planning, performance management and reporting, risk management, and human resource systems and practices."

One quick irony with that last point: Woodfibre LNG always talks up how LNG will save us from climate change (untrue), but hey, let's export our natural resources as quickly as possible and burn it all!


We're ramping up our campaign again over the next six months to keep the pressure up, and we need volunteers. We'll be setting up volunteer meetings and training opportunities soon in Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, and the Sunshine Coast. Please sign up as a volunteer if you can help!

With hope and determination,

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director, My Sea to Sky

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