Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction... again!

April 15, 2020
Tracey Saxby

Woodfibre LNG

Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction till summer 2021. But here's the kicker... they're using COVID-19 as an excuse to get a five-year extension on their Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate.

Woodfibre LNG has delayed construction till summer 2021. But here's the kicker... they're using COVID-19 as an excuse to get a five-year extension on their Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate.

The EA certificate expires in October 2020, and to keep their existing EA certificate they need to begin construction before it expires. While Woodfibre LNG has technically missed the deadline to apply for an extension, it's likely that the BC Environmental Assessement Office will use their discretion to accept this late application.

Other excuses include the bankruptcy of one of their construction companies, and delays due to the three amendments to their EA certificate (all of which they could have avoided if they'd listened to the general public in the first place).

This is a critical opportunity to stop Woodfibre LNG for good. We are working closely with a lawyer and will be in touch soon with key actions you can take.




Woodfibre LNG has released 36 rental units in downtown Squamish

This is fantastic news for Squamish residents who have been struggling to find accommodation during a housing crisis; although it's only a temporary fix....

Because here's the thing: Woodfibre LNG should never have rented these units in the Sirocco building, which essentially constitutes a workcamp right in downtown Squamish.

We informed Woodfibre LNG in 2014 that accommodation was a problem, and they failed to act. Instead of investing in legacy housing that could help solve the housing crisis, they have REMOVED available housing from the market. That is not okay.



The great switcheroo at Darrell Bay

Woodfibre LNG has cancelled their application to Transport Canada to build a new dock at Darrell Bay in Squamish. Instead, they've applied to use the existing dock that is managed by BC's Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MOTI).

Statements to the Squamish Chief by Woodfibre LNG staff imply that the company considers this a done deal. However, a letter from MOTI clarifies that there is no agreement on a potential license... yet.

We're very concerned about the lack of public engagement on the use of the existing dock at Darrell Bay. We will be following up directly with the District of Squamish and MOTI to ask for a transparent public engagement process. Stay tuned....




COVID-19 update

It has been profoundly inspiring to see our communities come together in response to COVID-19. Like many other organizations we're grappling with what COVID-19 will mean for our campaigns. Will our volunteers be able to door knock this summer? How can we switch to online campaigning? How can we make our events virtual? Will our donors continue to support our critical work when everyone is in crisis mode?

For me, personally, I've been in self-isolation for over a month now. I've experienced the ups and the downs that most of us are navigating as this new reality rocks us to our core.

The question is, what do we want our communities to look like when this crisis is over? COVID-19 has shown how fragile our systems are. It's also shown that our governments can respond quickly in an emergency to find solutions and execute a plan. The decisions that we make now will leave a lasting legacy for our future. How can we use the lessons learned from COVID-19 as an opportunity to create more resilient and regenerative communities in Howe Sound?

These are the thoughts that have been keeping me company this past month. I'm curious to know what you've been thinking?


Hoping you and your loved ones are safe and healthy,


Executive Director, My Sea to Sky


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