Denied! Squamish rejects Woodfibre LNG's floating work camp

May 6, 2024
Tracey Saxby

We did it! District of Squamish denied Woodfibre LNG's proposed floating work camp.

In an edge-of-your-seat council meeting last Tuesday, the District of Squamish voted 4-3 to deny Woodfibre LNG’s floating work camp.

This is a victory worth celebrating! This is democracy in action and proves that your voice can truly make a difference.

Woodfibre LNG's application was missing critical information necessary to properly evaluate whether this work camp is in the best interests of the community of Squamish, and safe for Woodfibre LNG's workers.

Provincial and federal regulators failed us, and it has been left to local government to hold Woodfibre LNG accountable.

We're grateful to the District of Squamish council for listening to the community's concerns, and having the courage to stand up to Woodfibre LNG's pressure tactics.

Listen to my interview with Stephen Quinn on CBC's Early Edition.

See the news coverage by CBC News, Global News, Squamish Chief, Vancouver Sun, and the Globe & Mail.



Thank council for their courageous leadership

It takes a lot of courage for a small local government to stand up to a multi-billion dollar fossil fuel company.

Woodfibre LNG clearly expected a rubber stamp. Now the pressure is on for the District of Squamish to walk back this decision. As with any local government decision, council has 30 days to bring the motion back for reconsideration.

We need to let council know they have our support to stand firm.

Please take a moment thank council for holding Woodfibre LNG accountable.



What's next?

Woodfibre LNG's recent media statements expose the company's pressure tactics, and the false choice that has been offered to the community.

If Woodfibre LNG wanted to be a good corporate citizen, it would press pause on construction and provide the information that the community needs to properly evaluate the impacts of its proposed floating work camp. Instead, Woodfibre LNG has warned that construction will continue, with or without the floating work camp.

The good news is that Minister Josie Osbourne has indicated that the Province won't interfere with this decision, saying "I encourage the company to continue to work with the District to get them the information they need."

Woodfibre LNG can reapply for a Temporary Use Permit for its floating work camp in six months, but the application must be substantially different.

Our amazing partners at Justice for Girls are calling for an independent, community-led, human rights impact assessment to properly evaluate the risks that Woodfibre LNG's floatel poses to the community and the safety of its workers.

See the news coverage by Global News and the Squamish Chief.


New legal action! We're challenging Federal approval of Woodfibre LNG's floatel!

On November 29, 2023, the Federal government quietly rubber-stamped Woodfibre LNG's floating work camp, with zero public consultation.

Why? Because the October 2023 Supreme Court decision that ruled the Impact Assessment Act was "unconstitutional" meant that amendments to the Federal Decision Statement would be subject to judicial review. So the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada sidestepped the process, declaring that Woodfibre LNG no longer required an amendment for its proposed "floatel."

We have filed for a Judicial Review to challenge this Federal decision, hold the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada to account, and ensure they obey the law.

Can you chip in to pay for legal fees, expert peer review, access to information, and dedicated staff time to support this legal challenge?

Every donation will be matched by a wonderful local donor.



With profound gratitude,

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director, My Sea to Sky


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