Good news! Squamish does not support an extension for Woodfibre LNG

May 14, 2020
Tracey Saxby

Comparing greenhouse gas emissions
Comparing greenhouse gas emissions for the entire community of Squamish in 2017, with the projected local greenhouse gas emissions that Woodfibre LNG and the FortisBC compressor station will emit every year. Note that this doesn't include upstream emissions from fracking, emissions from shipping, or the emissions when the LNG is burned at the final point of combustion. These are local emissions only. References below.

When I heard the news I danced around my house, and then I promptly burst into tears. But these were the good kind of tears: filled with relief and gratitude.

I was crying because the District of Squamish passed a motion in a 4-3 vote stating that:

"...the District of Squamish does not support an extension of the Environmental Certificate for Woodfibre LNG unless the extension includes a condition that Woodfibre LNG must meet the IPCC targets for its operation within the District of Squamish to reduce its GHG emissions by 45% by 2030 and 100% by 2050."



This is huge! But it's not guaranteed. Because this motion was passed at a Committee of the Whole meeting, it still needs to be ratified by council at next Tuesday's Regular Business meeting.

It took a lot of courage for council to support this motion. Will you email council and thank them for highlighting the local climate impacts of Woodfibre LNG? They need to hear from you so that they will ratify this motion at Tuesday's meeting.

Say thank you! Send an email to:

Be kind and respectful. Keep it short and sweet. You can address it to:
Dear Mayor and Council, ...


Spring update on Woodfibre LNG

For those that want a more detailed update, here's what we've been up to. Prepare to geek out with us!

We do not believe that Woodfibre LNG should receive an extension to their environmental assessment certificate due to changes in economic context; changes to local, provincial, and federal policies; new and emerging scientific understanding; and the implications of developing new fossil fuel infrastructure in a climate emergency. The world has changed a lot in the last five years since the original certificate was granted.

We will be in touch soon with more actions you can take to help us #StopWoodfibreLNG for good!

With hope,


Executive Director, My Sea to Sky



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