Strike One for Woodfibre LNG!

February 23, 2023
Tracey Saxby

Woodfibre LNG has been issued its first non-compliance warning.

Strike One! Non-compliance warning

After starting construction without notice, Woodfibre LNG has been issued a warning that the project is non-compliant with the Environmental Assessment Certificate notification and submission requirements, and twelve of its conditions.

There are numerous layers of regulation for Woodfibre LNG by local, provincial, federal, and Indigenous governments. This warning letter and inspection record was issued by the provincial Environmental Assessment Office Compliance and Enforcement Branch, and the maximum penalty is $1,000,000.

This is yet another shocking example of how Woodfibre LNG is cutting corners and failing to comply with basic regulations in its rush to start construction.


Proposed workcamp for FortisBC in Squamish.

District of Squamish holds FortisBC accountable

Break out the popcorn! You should watch this awesome council meeting.

On February 14th, council provided initial feedback on the two Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) for FortisBC's proposed workcamp and construction yard.

Council repeatedly held FortisBC accountable, with a long list of outstanding problems that FortisBC has failed to resolve.

For example, the workcamp has 325 parking spaces, with another 420 parking spaces planned for the construction yard, right near the residential neighbourhood of Ravens Plateau. Yet FortisBC's reports have grossly understated the amount of traffic that will be accessing the Mamquam Forest Service Road.

Other example concerns that council and staff raised include:

Council voted 6:1 not to consider the Temporary Use Permit for the workcamp until the Provincial amendment process is complete (read the minutes).

Woodfibre LNG and FortisBC have had since 2015 to plan for worker accommodation and they have failed to do so. The rush on construction is now putting the community of Squamish in an "untenable" position.




Save the date! FortisBC public information meeting

FortisBC is hosting a public information meeting to answer questions related to the workcamp and the construction yard. We need to be there en masse.

WHEN: 6pm to 8pm, Thursday 9th March 2023

WHERE: Howe Sound Secondary School, Squamish

Local Squamish resident, Philippa Clark, has started a petition to demand honest and transparent engagement by FortisBC, as the company prefers a contrived format that controls the narrative and limits information sharing. Please add your name.

Please bring your friends and neighbours in Squamish. FortisBC's proposed workcamp and construction yard will have regional impacts, and the company is failing to respond to the community's concerns.


Sea lions can't wear hearing protection! Photo: Siobhan Winters

Why are demonstrations important?

Because right after our demonstration at IMPAC5, Minister Guilbeault's office called us to talk about how Woodfibre LNG is trying to weaken regulations for underwater noise and water quality.

This is why we do this. Together, our voices are powerful, and with your help we can shift what is politically possible.

We need to keep the pressure on Guilbeault—can you take a moment to send a letter calling on the Minister not to let Woodfibre LNG weaken environmental regulations?

We are so grateful to everyone that could stand with us to defend Átl’ḵa7tsem / Howe Sound!




We have successfully delayed Woodfibre LNG since 2015. Together we will stop this destructive project for good.

With hope and determination,

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director
My Sea to Sky

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