Have you ever swum with sea lions?

December 1, 2020
Tracey Saxby

Sea lion underwater
Why hello there!

A few years after I graduated school, I went backpacking in Ecuador where I made the voyage out to the Galapagos Islands. I was amazed at the abundance of wildlife, and as a young marine scientist I was in the water every chance I got.

One of my favourite experiences was to swim with the juvenile sea lions. In Spanish they're called Lobos del Mar, which translates to wolves of the sea, and they really are like underwater puppies. They would swim in circles around me as I dived down, somersaulting, and tug playfully on my flippers.

Since I first came to Squamish in 2001, I have witnessed Howe Sound coming back to life. It has only been in the last few years that we have seen the return of sea lions in Howe Sound, and it makes my heart sing. While I do not recommend swimming with the sea lions here (read this blog by The Marine Detective to understand why this is not safe for you or them), I still find great joy in seeing these majestic creatures frolic and play in Howe Sound.

As a top-tier carnivore, the return of sea lions to our waters is an indication of Howe Sound's recovery. But we can't take this for granted.

Both Woodfibre LNG and the FortisBC pipeline project threaten this fragile recovery of Howe Sound. This is one of many reasons why we co-founded My Sea to Sky, and why hundreds of volunteers have dedicated tens of thousands of hours to defend Howe Sound over the last seven years.

Together, we have delayed Woodfibre LNG and FortisBC for over six years now. We have been there, every step of the way, holding these two terrible projects accountable.

I'll admit, sometimes it hasn't been easy, and this year has been particularly difficult thanks to COVID-19. We've had to change how we organize, and get innovative online. This is why I am asking you to consider becoming a monthly supporter of My Sea to Sky.

We are the only organization working to stop Woodfibre LNG. We're local, we're people-powered, and every dollar you donate has a big impact.

Our goal for December is to sign up 100 new monthly supporters. Can we count on your support?

With love for Howe Sound,

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director, My Sea to Sky


My Sea to Sky is incredibly proud and grateful to say that we rely on the My Sea to Sky community for small donations that provide the majority of our funding. Since our launch in 2014, we have been funded through personal savings, family and friends; and powered by the passion of our volunteers. Your generous contribution will help us to run our critical campaigns to defend, protect, and restore Howe Sound. Can you chip in?