Stop reckless LNG tax breaks

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URGENT! Help us stop reckless LNG tax breaks. Send a personalized letter to Premier Horgan now.

On Monday March 25th 2019, the BC NDP sided with the BC Liberals to vote 80–3 to approve new fossil fuel subsidies to prop up liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects like Woodfibre LNG and LNG Canada. This latest tax giveaway has been calculated at over $6 billion, and is in addition to subsidized power rates, elimination of the LNG royalty tax, reduced provincial income tax, and exemptions from carbon tax increases, to name a few.

This is a stunning turnaround for the BC NDP, who criticized past tax breaks granted to LNG export projects by the BC Liberals as "a bad deal."

It is clear that the LNG industry cannot stand on its own two feet without massive tax breaks and subsidies. Earlier this month the Asian spot price for LNG fell to the lowest it has been in 19 months.

The tax breaks and subsidies that have already been granted to this fledgling LNG industry are irresponsible and reckless. Incentivizing fracking and the rapid export of BC's natural gas seriously threatens BC's ability to meet our climate targets.

Experts say that BC LNG will create more greenhouse gases than coal due to leaking methane from fracking, and delay the transition to renewables. If it proceeds, LNG Canada will be the single biggest source of carbon pollution in B.C. Why is the BC NDP still subsidizing a fossil fuel industry that will increase fracking and worsen climate change?

Please take a moment to write to Premier Horgan and your MLA, and ask them not to support these reckless LNG tax breaks. You can send a letter using the sample text provided, but please take a moment to personalize it - personal letters are much more powerful.

Example talking points:

  • Did you vote for the BC NDP? Will you vote for them again? Tell them what you think about their support for LNG tax breaks.
  • Ask the Premier to stop subsidizing LNG.
  • Urge the Premier to be a bold and visionary leader that will lead us towards a zero-carbon economy.
  • Share your anger over the injustice of taxpayers propping up a new fossil fuel industry while the companies make billions of dollars selling LNG that will increase fracking and worsen climate change.
  • How is climate change impacting you? How is it affecting your community? Tell your story and share your fears.
  • Communities across Canada are declaring a climate emergency because the most recent IPCC report gives us twelve years to cut global carbon pollution in half.
  • How is fracking impacting you or your community (if relevant).
  • Expanding fracking in Treaty 8 territory violates BC's responsibilities to uphold UNDRIP.

You can read Bill 10, the Income Tax Amendment Act 2019 here.