BC's snap election: will you vote for climate action?

September 28, 2020
Tracey Saxby

Youth striking for climate action now

After a week choked in smoke from wildfires fueled by climate change, I was relieved for a week of extreme precipitation that cleared our skies. But scientists are now linking this "wild weather" directly to climate change and warning that our communities are at increasing risk of natural disasters.

As we head to the polls in BC, we have an opportunity to influence the platforms of the major parties to commit to #ClimateActionNow. But how we do this, and how effective it is, depends on you!

It is critical that we elect a government that is truly committed to tackling the climate crisis, ending fossil fuel subsidies, and protecting our environment.

Will you take two minutes to help us shape our election strategy, and let us know how you'd like to be involved?

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This year, the BC government will give more of your money to prop up the fossil fuel industry than it will spend on its entire plan to fight climate change. That is shameful.

To earn our votes, BC’s next government needs to prove that it’s serious about making climate change a priority. We must demand that all candidates take a stand on fracking and LNG. And we have to make it clear that we don’t want any more taxpayer dollars going to polluting industries that add fuel to a world on fire.

The last provincial election resulted in a minority government, which means candidates will be working harder than ever to secure your vote.

Will you vote for climate action this election?


With hope,

Tracey Saxby

Executive Director, My Sea to Sky

P.S. Election day is Oct. 24, with advance voting from Oct. 15 to Oct. 21.

Any voter in the province can request a vote-by-mail package from Elections BC or by calling Voter Services at 1-800-661-8683.


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