BC NDP betrays British Columbians with corporate handout for LNG


BC NDP betrays British Columbians with corporate handout for LNG

The BC NDP Government has announced a further $6 billion tax break to incentivise BC's LNG industry, with a cap on carbon taxes to sweeten the pot. Because that's how capitalism works, right? If a project is not financially viable the corporations simply put their hands out and the government gives them more tax breaks until it is.

“This is corporate welfare for Shell, one of the richest oil and gas corporations in the world,” said Eoin Finn, Director of Research for My Sea to Sky. “This is a lose-lose scenario for every British Columbian.”

Further subsidizing rich multi-national corporations will not help the BC NDP government to deliver on their mandate "to make life more affordable" or "deliver the services that people count on."

Capping the carbon tax at $30 per tonne also let's one of the biggest polluters off the hook. Carbon pollution from LNG Canada's project represents 80% of the province's 2050 emissions budget. Auditor General Carol Bellringer has already raised concerns that BC is not on track to meet our current climate targets, and fostering a destructive LNG industry will make it nearly impossible to achieve BC's climate targets.

"Now we understand the rationale behind the Site C boondoggle, which will supply subsidized power for LNG paid for by everyday British Columbians. It also explains why the BC NDP has already promised the LNG industry that no meaningful changes will result from the government's supposed fracking review."

This is jeopardizing BC’s economy, health, and environmental security. The BC Liberals had already promised the LNG industry an unconscionable level of public subsidization, and the BC NDP has upped the ante by promising foreign LNG producers a level of privilege not granted to any other citizen or business in BC.

"It appears that Premier John Horgan has inherited Premier Christy Clark's hard hat."

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Eoin Finn B.Sc., Ph.D., MBA
Director of Research for My Sea to Sky

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