Can you read 288 pages a day?

January 31, 2015
Tracey Saxby

The BC government wants YOU to participate in the Environmental Assessment process… or do they?

The 45-day public comment periods have started for the controversial Woodfibre LNG project and Fortis BC’s pipeline from Eagle Mountain to Woodfibre. This is one of the public’s only opportunities to provide feedback on these projects and hold the proponents’ feet to the fire.

But how much spare time do you have?

The Fortis BC pipeline application is a hefty 1,613 pages, with 2,010 pages of appendices for a grand total of 3,623 pages.

The Woodfibre LNG application is a staggering 2,341 pages with a whopping 7,008 pages in the appendix. That’s a grand total of 9,349 pages.

Combined we’re talking 12,972 pages of dense, highly technical reading. How is the general public expected to read and respond in a meaningful way to such a huge volume of information in their spare time over a 45 day period given work, family, and life commitments? That’s nearly 288 pages of required reading every single day for 45 days.

If you think this is as ridiculous as I do, make sure you contact the BC Environmental Assessment Office and ask for an extension.

Contact: Michael Shepard, Project Assessment Manager, Environmental Assessment Office
Phone: 1 (250) 387-8745

And while you're at it, ask your MLA to request an extension on his citizen's behalf as well.

Contact: MLA Jordan Sturdy, West Vancouver-Sea to Sky
Phone: 1 (604) 922-1153