Malika Bindra

Activist. Nature & Animal Lover. Good Friend.

Community Organizer.

Growing up in the Sea to Sky, Malika has always been amazed by everything this beautiful place has to offer: the crisp ocean breeze, the sunset painted skies, the tall towering mountains, the mossy forests, and the slimy slugs are just a few of her favorite things. Her love for the land, and the creatures on it, have been a driving force in the environmental and social non-profit work she has done.

Malika is a graduate from Quest University in Squamish. In her thesis, she explored how settlers can be accomplices in Indigenous resurgence and sovereignty. This research examined the violent history of colonialism in so-called Canada and its ongoing dynamics today. She argues that settlers are active participants in these injustices and explores what their role as accomplices to Indigenous sovereignty and resurgence looks like.

Some of her passions include camping, kayaking, hiking, doodling, and being silly with her friends.